By the Sea

June 23 - July 29, 2011

Cristin Tierney is pleased to present a new exhibition entitled By the Sea featuring works by Peter Campus, Adam Cvijanovic, Joe Fig, Malia Jensen, Simon Lee, and David Opdyke. This exhibition opens on Thursday, June 23rd and will remain on view until July 29th, 2011.

Few things capture the feeling of summer more than a trip to the beach. To celebrate the season, the gallery has installed a group of works that engage the shoreline as a site of relaxation and contemplation. Peter Campus' video, a wave, offers an abstracted, softened vision of the seashore as a destination for spiritual renewal and meditation. Found photographs by Simon Lee and paintings by Joe Fig evoke a nostalgic fascination with the beach, while Adam Cvijanovic's trompe l'oeil tears apart the gallery walls, transporting the viewer to the middle of the churning ocean. New work by David Opdyke addresses humanity's need to manipulate and imitate nature's wonders. And finally, the vast, mysterious ecosystem of the ocean is explored in Malia Jensen's sculpture, which takes seemingly saccharine images of sea creatures and twists them into something oddly intimate and wildly perverse.

Prior to opening the gallery at 546 West 29th Street, Cristin Tierney worked as an advisor for a number of private collectors and institutions in the United States. While continuing to work with certain long-standing advisory clients, Tierney has opened an exhibition space to promote the work of a select group of contemporary artists. Upcoming exhibitions will include projects by: Eve Sussman | Rufus Corporation, Jorge Tacla, Tomas Rivas and Malia Jensen, among others.