Francisco Ugarte Mexican, b. 1973

Francisco Ugarte (b. 1973, Guadalajara, Mexico) is an architect and artist. His multidisciplinary, abstract and minimalist work can be understood as a series of material and architectural explorations at the intersection of experience and perception. Using different media such as site-specific interventions, sculpture, drawing, painting, video, and installation, his subtle gestures invite a deep attention to the environment and highlight the materiality of the elements he uses. Presence, perception, action, intuition, light, time, change, place, the material and the universal are recurring themes in his work. Ugarte has had solo exhibitions at Museo Cabañas, Galería Curro, Post Box Gallery, the Clemente Orozco Museum, and the Experimental Museum El Eco. Select group exhibitions include the Raúl Anguiano Museum of Art, Museo Jumex, Salón ACME, and Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City. His work is held in the Charpenel Collection, Jorge M. Perez Art Collection, and Colección Jumex. Ugarte’s studio is in Guadalajara.