Intersect Aspen

July 22 - 26, 2020 

Cristin Tierney Gallery is pleased to participate in the inaugural online edition of Intersect Aspen. The fair's virtual viewing room will be live from Wednesday, July 22nd at 2:00 pm through Sunday, July 26th. Guests are invited to view Intersect Aspen at


The gallery's presentation borrows from the "black box" format, highlighting moving image by six artists: Janet Biggs, François Bucher, peter campus, Malia Jensen, T. Kelly Mason, and John Wood and Paul Harrison. Shown alongside related sculpture, photography, and works on paper, the videos represent a diversity of styles and subjects. 


White Balance by François Bucher mixes media and internet footage with images shot in downtown Manhattan before and after the September 11, 2001 attacks. The video presents a question that needs to be visited over and over, asked by Yvonne Reiner in her film Privilege: "…is 'permanent recovering racists' the most we can ever be?" Biggs' video Space Between Fragility Curves explores the lengths humans will go to in search of hope, combining footage of scientists on a simulated mission at the Mars Desert Research Society in Utah with that of Yemeni refugee children from Camp Markazi in Obock, Djibouti. It is set to a score created by Shimon, a robot engineered at Georgia Tech to write and play music on the marimba using AI. 


Another work about outer space, T. Kelly Mason's work Space Film, hews more closely to the fantastical end of that genre, following a cast of characters traveling through space and time to escape an unseen enemy. Mason's inspirations come from the formats of the road movie and rock operas, and the film is backed by an experimental soundtrack of the artist's creation. Back on the earth, Salty by Malia Jensen shows a carved salt sculpture in the shape of a breast slowly devoured by a roaming herd of cattle, whose snuffling slurps and impatient lows add to the video's humorous tone.


Another work set in the outdoors is peter campus' providence, which shows a fishing boat bearing the same name anchored off the coast of Long Island. It a decidedly abstract video that combines the riotous colors and loosely structured forms of early fauvism with a brilliant saturation and heavily manipulated composition that could only be achieved in the digital era. The final moving image work in the viewing room is John Wood and Paul Harrison's 13 Assassinations, in which Harrison becomes the target of thirteen different shootings. Movement is precisely choreographed and the audio controlled-the only sound to occur throughout the video is each gun shot, and the silence between each assassination adds to the anticipation of the inevitable event.


All six videos are available to view online at during the fair. This is the gallery's first time presenting at Intersect Aspen.


For more information, please contact Candace Moeller at