September 29 - October 12, 2020
  • The Return to Nature and the Retreat to the Suburbs

    peter campus, Maureen O'Leary
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  • peter campus

    Considered one of the pioneers of moving image, peter campus has almost exclusively created art about the outdoors since the late '80s. Recent video work features different Long Island waterways and coastal areas near the artist's home, marked by a sophisticated editing and digital manipulation made possible by his trained eye. During the pandemic, campus began filming new works in his yard and garden, finding inspiration even while isolating.

  • peter campus, corey creek, 2019

  • peter campus, tarp, 2020

  • peter campus, virus 3, 2020

  • Maureen O'Leary

    Maureen O'Leary's paintings of her suburban surroundings hover between figuration and abstraction. Previous works often featured the people and things closest to her, but during the pandemic the artist's subject matter has become even more local, as she often paints what she can see from her window. The result is a group of moody paintings of things you'd be more likely to find outside of the city: cars driving down empty roads at dusk, silent and darkened houses, and menacing orange flames on a barbecue. This recent series, aptly titled Suburbia, underscores the artist's interest in the contemporary romantic.

  • Malia Jensen: Nearer Nature, Virtual Residency at Portland Art Museum

    Malia Jensen: Nearer Nature

    Virtual Residency at Portland Art Museum

    Through November 7th, Malia Jensen is the virtual artist-in-residence at the Portland Art Museum and NW Film Center. As part of the project, Jensen's 6-hour video Worth Your Salt is available 24 hours a day, free of charge via the PAM/NWFC website. This fall, Jensen is encouraging viewers to further connect with the video via an initiative called Nearer Nature at Home. People are encouraged to submit photos or videos of themselves watching the video in their residence; images can be shared with or on Instagram with @cristintierneygallery.


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