October 13-26, 2020
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    Terry Berkowitz, David Risley, John Wood and Paul Harrison, Tim Youd
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  • Terry Berkowitz

    Terry Berkowitz's practice encompasses installation art, sculpture, video, slide and film projections, photography and audio. Injustice of all kinds has been her primary subject for over four decades, with a special emphasis on social and political issues that are overlooked or invisible. Below are two new works by the artist. In Notebook of the Plague, Berkowitz reads off a list of names of people who have died from COVID-19 while making tick marks on a piece of paper. Each mark represents one death; each page has 1,000 marks. #NothingHappenedToday began as a project on Instagram and Facebook on November 2019. The artist takes one photograph each day of her surroundings, documenting the passage of time. The idea was that something will happen only when the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is voted out, but it has taken on new resonance during the pandemic. Both projects are ongoing.


    Every two weeks, new chapters of #NothingHappenedToday will be added to the viewing room, showing the progression of the project throughout the last year.

  • Terry Berkowitz

    Notebook of the Plague, 2020


    2:00 minutes

  • Terry Berkowitz

    #NothingHappenedToday: Pre-Covid, 2020


    4:27 minutes

  • Terry Berkowitz

    #NothingHappenedToday: Isolation, 2020


    4:33 minutes

  • Terry Berkowitz

    #NothingHappenedToday: Lockdown Lifted, 2020


    6:52 minutes

  • Terry Berkowitz

    Instruction Videos
  • Terry Berkowitz

    Selections from #NothingHappenedToday
  • David Risley

    David Risley is a painter who previously ran David Risley Gallery and Zwemmer Gallery (as Director). He founded London's Bloomberg Space, and also co-founded Zoo Art Fair and Chart Art Fair. He continues to write, curate and develop projects with artists, and is in the process of developing a sustainability project for public-facing institutions. Between the Clock and the Bed is the artist's remake of Edvard Munch's Self-Portrait. Between the Clock and the Bed from 1943. Created during lockdown, Risley's painting reflects the position he feels we're all in this year: homebound, and circling repeatedly through different rooms as the time ticks by. The busy patterns and crowded composition of the work evoke feelings of claustrophobia and being trapped--the extreme end of isolation.

  • David Risley, Edvard Munch - Between the Clock and the Bed, 2020

    David Risley

    Edvard Munch - Between the Clock and the Bed, 2020 acrylic on canvas
    12 x 10 inches
    30.5 x 25.4 cm
  • John Wood and Paul Harrison

    John Wood and Paul Harrison make single-channel videos, multi-screen video installations, prints, drawings, and sculptures that elegantly fuse advanced aesthetic research with existential comedy. Their drawing Erased Clocks (2019) consists of a pair of works on paper, each with a simplified clock face showing a different time. The white clocks stand out against their dark backgrounds, which, upon closer inspection, are revealed to have been created by the artists covering the page with layers of pencil marks. The white clocks, in turn, have been revealed through erasure--a process requiring large amounts of time, echoing the subject matter. Erased Clocks also suggests time counting down, or something coming to an end; it is a suggestion that reverberates differently in the near-apocalyptic landscape of 2020.

  • John Wood and Paul Harrison, Erased Clocks, 2019

    John Wood and Paul Harrison

    Erased Clocks, 2019 suite of two drawings, pencil on paper
    each: 23 10/16 x 23 10/16 inches (60 x 60 cm)
  • Tim Youd

    Tim Youd is a performance and visual artist working in painting, sculpture, and video. Below are two of the artist's Tally drawings, which are companion pieces to his typewriter-based performances. Called the 100 Novels Project, Youd plans to retype 100 novels in fifteen years, always using the same kind of typewriter the author originally did. His Tally works are drawings of those same typewriters, composed of 100 outlines superimposed over each other. In the lower corner on index cards, Youd logs the days on which he's added layers to the drawing, and the number of layers added per day. The repetitive and time-based nature of the works recalls the durational aspect of his performance work, and it also mimics the way many of us have tracked our lives during lockdown: one moment, event, day, week or month at a time.

  • Tim Youd, 100 Royal Quiet Deluxes with Tally, 2018

    Tim Youd

    100 Royal Quiet Deluxes with Tally, 2018 blue Sharpie on paper and typed index cards
    36 x 48 inches (91.4 x 121.9 cm)
  • Tim Youd, 100 Smith Corona Silents with Tally, 2017

    Tim Youd

    100 Smith Corona Silents with Tally, 2017 graphite on paper and typed index cards
    approximately 36 x 48 inches (91.4 x 121.9 cm)