Dread Scott auctions his maiden NFT of a “white man for sale” at Christie’s

The Editors, Surface Magazine, September 15, 2021

In a study of social theory, artist Dread Scott crafted a looped 70 second video of a white man, ready for purchase, standing atop a block that is being sold as an NFT by auction house Christie's. Scott's work subverts the traditional hierarchy of slavery as his video journals an ignored white man on a pedestal by Black pedestrians. The main takeaway of the piece, however, lies in its connection to capitalism: Scott draws on American history and slavery to demonstrate the correlation between an augmented labor force and reward capital. His analysis of the ambivalent system leads him to analyze this social phenomenon in a satirical manner: "This is a really rare opportunity to buy a white male for sale," says the artist. "If you have money to buy one, you should do it -- they don't come up very often."