T. Kelly Mason: Limited Edition New Work

Artist T. Kelly Mason has just created a new limited edition work, The 40 Hour Week. As said by the artist,  "I encountered an object in 1980 at the employee entrance to a Hawaiian/surfing themed steak house where I cooked. Did the object exhort workers to bring Aloha to the workplace, leave their problems outside/anywhere before punching the time clock? Did it preside over a kind of workplace Speakers' Corner? Coat rack? Something darker? All of the above and more.


The multiple took a 40-hour week to produce. Most of that involved surface preparation, that strange labor that underlies artistic production. Is that the artwork, is it play of light on a carefully finished aluminum surface, the text, or the single gesture of driving a nail? As with any singular gesture, free floating text, or specific object, a coat-hook for example, or a Donald Judd, you can hang whatever you want on it."


The edition of 40 will be available through 1301PE. 

May 6, 2022