Out of (This) Time — Brief Notes from “Astrodoubt and the Quarantine Chronicles”

 During the confinement, I started producing a new series – at the crossroads of drawing, painting, comics, and animation—Astrodoubt and The Quarantine Chronicles, part of Space Doubt, and, starting from April 2020, I shared this tragicomic series of visual narratives commenting on the Covid-19 health and social crisis on Instagram, as they unfolded. Astrodoubt is the protagonist of several of the 180 projects in the “expedition” Space Doubt. In Astrodoubt and The Quarantine Chronicles Astrodoubt, a person of unspecified gender, race, and age, grounded by the deadly pandemic, wanders and daydreams, transforming domestic chores, pandemic restrictions, and fear of contagion into fantastic astronomical journeys and Olympic feats. 

September 1, 2021