Malia Jensen: Stuff and Things

April 19 - June 2, 2012

"Along with the humor, formal rigor, and gratifying dedication to material, an undercurrent of anxiety percolates beneath the surface of Jensen's work in ways that become apparent only after longer acquaintance and reflection. She seduces the eye in order to tease the imagination and then trouble the mind. Laughter is allowed and even encouraged but it is never the last thing you do or feel in front of one of her pieces. Sex is seldom far off, but in her world it is nothing like you expect or want. Everything is beautiful, puzzling and inconclusive."
- John S. Weber

Cristin Tierney is pleased to present Malia Jensen's first solo exhibition in New York City entitled Stuff and Things, opening at 6:00 pm on Thursday, April 19th, 2012.

On view in the gallery will be a group of sculptures ranging from dueling snakes to bursting bubbles, utilizing a myriad of materials, including bronze, plaster, glass, and wood. These works encompass a range of subjects derived from dreams, memories and Jensen's fascination with the pathos and comedy inherent in the natural world. Rural roots mingle with an urban sensibility to transform familiar forms and subjects into poignant reflections on the human condition.

Jensen's art has been exhibited at institutions throughout the United States, including Portland Institute for Contemporary Art; The New Museum, New York; the Tacoma Art Museum; the Holter Museum of Art, Helena; the Portland Art Museum; and the Mesa Arts Center, Arizona. Malia Jensen: Conjunctions was published in 2008 by Richard Gray Gallery and features an essay by John S. Weber. Jensen lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.