June 21 - August 3, 2012

"Almost everyone is agreed about seventies art. It is diversified, split, factionalized....its energy does not seem to flow through a single channel for which a synthetic term, like Abstract Expressionism, or Minimalism, might be found. In defiance of the notion of a collective effort that operates behind the very idea of an artistic 'movement,' seventies art is proud of its own dispersal. "Post-Movement Art in America" is the term most recently applied....[T]here is prefigured an image of personal freedom, of multiple options now open to individual choice or will."
- Rosalind Krauss, Notes on the Index, Part 1, 1977

Cristin Tierney is pleased to present a new group exhibition entitled Post-Movement, featuring works by Eleanor Antin, Ida Applebroog, Chris Burden, Peter Campus, Robert Colescott, Dennis Oppenheim, and Joan Snyder. This exhibition opens on Thursday, June 21st, and will remain on view through Friday, August 3rd, 2012.

Against a backdrop of political disillusionment, recession and various social movements, artists in the seventies experimented with all forms of art-painting, sculpture, installation, photography and especially film, video and performance. This exhibition explores the pluralism of the seventies, presenting the work of artists who emerged in this era and whose oeuvres are in need of deeper investigation. Highlighted are artists whose work embodies the notion of personal freedom that Krauss emphasized above, either through their choice of materials and form, or through the subjects and themes they present in their work.