Alois Kronschlaeger: Polychromatic Structures

April 9 - May 16, 2015

Cristin Tierney Gallery is pleased to present Polychromatic Structures, a solo exhibition with artist Alois Kronschlaeger. It will open with a reception on April 9 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, and the artist will be present at the reception. This is his second solo exhibition with the gallery.


Polychromatic Structures features site-responsive installations of Kronschlaeger's geometric polychrome basswood and ink sculptures, arranged according to the light, scale and vantage points of the gallery environment. For this exhibition the artist will also produce a large-scale structure that spreads across the walls of the gallery, bringing three dimensions into a space traditionally reserved for two.


Kronschlaeger's practice is greatly influenced by the avant-garde legacies of Constructivism and post-Minimalism, and he strives to create a phenomenological experience for the viewer. As the audience moves through the space, and light and reflections shift, Kronschlaeger's sculptures morph into new forms. This dynamic is heightened by the artist's adept manipulation of color relationships, which produce optical and kinetic effects evoking the paintings of Carlos Cruz-Diez and the Penetrables of Jesús Rafael Soto.


With their geometric form and variation in scale, Kronschlaeger's sculptures also suggest urban industrial architecture. Similar to a metropolitan cityscape, the works come alive in the tensions between positive and negative space and through the element of human interaction. Shaping the audience's experience of the gallery in this way, Kronschlaeger invites contemplation on how the built environment guides our behavior. A special tag, #polychromaticstructures, will be used in conjunction with the exhibition to capture the audience's engagement with the work, and viewers are encouraged to share photos on social media, relaying their own experience of the installation in the process.


Alois Kronschlaeger was born in 1966 in Grieskirchen, Austria and holds an MFA from The School of Visual Arts. His work has been exhibited internationally at institutions including the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut, the Yuan Art Museum in Beijing, China, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson, Arizona, where he constructed a 10,000 square foot installation inside the museum's Great Hall.


The artist has produced two site-specific installations with SiTE:LAB in Grand Rapids, MI, including Spire, which stretched over three stories tall, and Habitat, which was staged in the former Grand Rapids Public Museum. In 2014, Cristin Tierney Gallery released the publication Alois Kronschlaeger, which documents the evolution of his work, from individual sculptures to monumental installations.


For more information, please contact Candace Moeller at or 212.594.0550.