IMPAKT Festival 2022: The Curse of Smooth Operations

Artist François Bucher will be particpating in IMPAKT Festival 2022. 


At the centre of IMPAKT Festival 2022 stands a proposition: the most dissatisfying technology of all is the one that works. It is clear to everyone that technology gives rise to dissatisfaction when it doesn't work—when it underperforms, when it causes unforeseen side effects, and when it breaks down. From November 2–6, 2022, IMPAKT Festival invites the audience to embark on a train of thought that runs in the exact opposite direction. Could it be that technology reveals itself at its most dissatisfactory precisely when it operates well or when it exceeds expectations?


The idea that technology can provide ultimate satisfaction and at the same time be ultimately dissatisfying is baffling and paradoxical. Since art is uniquely able to deal with contradiction, The Curse of Smooth Operations places art at centre stage in a programme of two exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, talks and performances.

October 8, 2022