Exhibit At Oklahoma Contemporary Shows Parallels Between Guadalajara, OKC

OKC Friday

Guest curated by Viviana Kuri, director and chief curator of the Museo de Arte de Zapopan (MAZ), the exhibition features nearly 50 conceptual artworks — paintings, sculptures, installations, performances — created within the last decade by 19 visual artists from or living in Guadalajara. Featured in the survey are works by figures who rose to international prominence in the 2000s — Gonzalo Lebrija, Jose Dávila, Eduardo Sarabia, Francisco Ugarte — as well as by a generation of artists — Isa Carillo, Larissa Garza, Renata Petersen — who have gained greater attention in recent years.


"After years of research, dialogue and exchange with the artists, galleries, institutions and collectors of Guadalajara, we’re thrilled to welcome this special group of artists to Oklahoma,” Davis said.

September 2, 2022