MK Guth

MK Guth (b. 1963, Stevens Point, WI) works in video, photography, sculpture, performance, and interactive projects. She has exhibited internationally at numerous museums and festivals including The Whitney Museum of American Art, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Schneider Museum of Art, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Nottdance Festival, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, The Art Gym at Marylhurst University, Frye Art Museum, and The Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington. She is a founding member of the Red Shoe Delivery Service, an ongoing collaborative performance project with artists Molly Dilworth and Cris Moss. Guth is the Director of the Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies and interim Chair of the Critical Studies Program at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She lives and works in Portland, OR.


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By Sarah Margolis-Pineo, Bad at Sports


"Guth is the maestra of the send-off. At the root of her work is a central line of inquiry--a rhizome-like thread that binds individual, to object, to universe--generating meaning from what is unacknowledged, unarticulated, or unknown."

Mk Guth: Triggering emotions, memories with food
November 17, 2012

By John Motley, The Oregonian


"For the past several years, Portland artist MK Guth has focused on the figure of the braid, a formal reflection of how her practice weaves together installation, sculpture and viewer participation."

M.K. Guth at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
January 10, 2012

By Kirsten Swenson, Art in America


"M.K. Guth’s 20-day interactive performance, Best Wishes, set in a glass-walled gallery amid throngs of pleasure-seekers at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino/resort, demonstrated the possibility of such a site as fertile territory for cultivating a “microtopia,” in the parlance of theorist and curator Nicolas Bourriaud."

M.K. Guth
January 5, 2010

As told to Stephanie Snyder, Artforum


"M. K. Guth is a Portland, Oregon–based multimedia artist and filmmaker who has exhibited widely and received critical praise for her work in the 2008 Whitney Biennial."

MK Guth: The Restraints Are The Framework
December 20, 2009

By Ariston Anderson, 99U


"Drawing from inspirations as diverse as Eva Hesse, Marcel Duchamp, and Goethe, MK Guth is redefining how we look at public art by creating works that are entirely dependent upon a social exchange or donation."

Artist MK Guth asks: What would you protect?
July 25, 2008

"'For me, the braid exists as a dual metaphor. It is a vehicle for escape, and it represents the time spent, entrapment,' Guth said."

Whitney Biennial
May 1, 2008

By Kim Levin, ARTnews


"In the Silver Room MK Guth braided artificial blond hair and red fabric strips (scribbled with visitors' comments about what they want to protect) into Rapunzel-like swags. The Armory itself, exposing its wood-paneled rooms and military decor to live performance art, may have been this biennial's best surprise."

MK Guth's quest for myth, one red ribbon at a time
March 28, 2008

By Grant Butler, The Oregonian


"There may be no more potent example of how mythology influences Guth's art than her current work, "Ties of Protection and Safekeeping," a massive braid of artificial golden hair displayed as part of the prestigious Whitney Biennial in New York City earlier this month. The work is rooted in the Brothers Grimm story of Rapunzel, a young girl held captive in a tower who eventually finds freedom through her long hair."

The Whitney Biennial: MK Guth's braid project becomes an NYC sensation
March 8, 2008

By Grant Butler, The Oregonian


"It's been a blur of activity for Portland artist MK Guth during the rainy opening weekend of the 2008 Whitney Biennial. Guth, who's interactive work 'Ties of Protection and Safekeeping' is one of the featured works in the prestigious showcase of emerging American artists, generated plenty of attention."

Art's Economic Indicator Whitney Biennial 2008
March 7, 2008

By Holland Cotter, The New York Times


"Ms. Guth’s project has a sweet, New Agey expansiveness that is atypical for this year’s hermetic, uningratiating show."

Artists take a bit of Portland, come back with pieces of Rio
February 20, 2007

By Joseph Gallivan, The Portland Tribune


"MK Guth's work consisted of braiding long pieces of artificial hair....Gallery visitors were provided with ribbons on which to write. Guth wrote her instructions on the wall: 'Please offer your opinions on people from the United States.'"

Red Shoe Delivery Service, or, My Heart's Anti-Destination
Summer 2006

By Stephanie Snyder, ARCADE


"Somewhere betwixt and between these realms of madness—between Baudelaire, Hollywood and David Lynch’s imagination—careens the Red Shoe Delivery Service (RSDS). RSDS is an art collaborative based in Portland, OR that asks people on the street to get in a van with the artists and ride with them. If a potential rider conducts a simple aesthetic exchange, RSDS will take him or her where she wants to go: wherever there is."

Red Shoe Delivery Service
October 1, 2005

By Dr. Juliet Peers, Artlink Magazine


"Red Shoe Delivery Service is the name of a rolling project/arhive, that grows and mutates and yet orbits around a central theme and practice that was first seen in public in 2003 in New York. A collaboration of three artists, MK Guth, Molly Dilworth and Cris Moss, use a variety of techniques practical, conceptual and virtual to make good the emotional promise suggested by the myth of Dorothy's ruby slippers that could instantly deliver a person to home, and therefore metaphorically to resolution, completeness, ease."

The power of heeling
April 26, 2005

By David Baldwin, METROLIFE


"A van pulls up beside you, and someone inside brandishing a camcorder asks you to put on some red shoes and get in the back. Despite the ominous nature of the request, don't run away screaming if this happens to you in Nottingham this weekend: it's all in the aid of launching this year's nottdance festival and with a click of the heels."