Joe Fig

Born in 1968, Joe Fig received both his BFA and MFA from the School of Visual Arts. His body of work encompasses painting, sculpture, photography, and drawing, in which he examines the role of the artist, the creative process, and the self-made universe of the artist’s studio. Fig’s work has been exhibited internationally at the Bruce Museum (Greenwich, CT), Bass Museum of Art (Miami Beach, FL), Parrish Art Museum (Southampton, NY), Toledo Museum of Art (Toledo, OH), Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Philadelphia, PA), and New Britain Museum of American Art (New Britain, CT). He is the author of two critically acclaimed books Inside the Artist's Studio (2015) and Inside the Painter's Studio (2009), which include his interviews and documentary photographs of today's leading contemporary artists. Fig is represented by Cristin Tierney Gallery in New York. He works and lives in Connecticut's Farmington River Valley. 


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Artistas famosos são homenageados com esculturas hiper realistas
October 11, 2016

Lucie Ferreira, Blog da Arquitetura


"Vincent van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol e Jasper Johns. Estes e outros importantes artistas ganharam mini esculturas hiper-realistas que os retratam em ação – isto é, criando suas obras de arte em seus respectivos locais de trabalho. Essa é a principal intenção da série Studios: Historical Artists, do artista multimídia norte-americano Joe Fig."

Bringing art to life Dance Collective's annual fundraiser Thursday
September 2, 2016

By Keiara Carr, The Journal Gazette


"Kolkman says she had an idea in mind and tried to match it to an artwork instead. She selected the 2012 painting 'Artist and Muse' by Joe Fig, whose portrait depicts French painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, famous for his images of Parisian can-can dancers, painting a muse. 'I decided to play with levels, where the muse is on the platform, and I have the artist on the bottom, and he’s actually painting,' Kolkman says. 'The more dynamic the artist’s movements are or, the more he paints, the more the muse comes to life.'"

A Brief History of the Artist’s Studio Featuring Joe Fig
August 27, 2016

By George Philip Lebourdais, Artsy


“The studio is where strange magic happens, as much for the artist’s imagination as for the public’s. It’s the conjuring place of new concepts, styles, or forms … On the other hand, as the artist Joe Fig recently told me, it is also ‘a place where mundane tasks and very non-glamorous things go on.’”

An artist tours the spaces of 24 fellow artists, then makes art inspired by his visits
March 25, 2016

By Gareth Branwyn, Boing Boing


"The really special dimension to this book is Joe Fig’s artwork. Fig is known for being an artist whose subjects are often art, artists, and art spaces. In this book, after interviewing and photographing such artists as Ellen Altfest, Byron Kim, Laurie Simmons, Adam Cvijanovic, Tara Donovan, and Roxy Paine (24 artists in all), Fig creates a piece of art inspired by that artist, their studio, and their work."

Review | Joe Fig: Inside the Artist's Studio in Al Khaleej
January 25, 2016
Book Review: The art of making art Joe Fig: Inside the Artist's Studio
December 5, 2015

By Jan Gardner, The Boston Globe


"Painter and sculptor Joe Fig has made a career out of depicting places where art is made. His new book 'Inside the Artist’s Studio' (Princeton Architectural) presents his paintings and sculptures of artists and their workspaces and his interviews about their creative process and daily routines."

Artscapes in miniature: Joe Fig's intimate look at artists' studios
November 6, 2015

By Michael Abatemarco, Santa Fe New Mexican


"What Inside the Artist’s Studio reveals about the artists themselves — their childhood, education, domestic life, and career — is refreshingly candid and down-to-earth. But it isn’t just the interviews that make this an intriguing book, and it isn’t just the photographs that, rather than depicting the artists at work, are focused more on the interiors of their studios. Rather, it’s Fig’s creative responses to each studio visit — catalysts for his own artistic practice."

Joe Fig: A Book, a Show and a Talk
October 23, 2015

By Paul Laster, Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art


"With the current solo show 'Inside the Artist’s Studio' at Cristin Tierney Gallery in Chelsea and an eponymously titled book, recently published by Princeton Architectural Press, Joe Fig was a natural choice for the Art Talks at the 92nd Street Y.  


Joining the ranks of Jewish Museum Deputy Director Jens Hoffmann, Serpentine Gallery Director of International Projects Hans Ulrich Obrist and New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz, who will all be speaking at the Y later this fall, Fig put together a panel of artists that he interviewed in the book for a talk this past Monday."

Miniature Models of Famous Artists in their Studios
September 28, 2015

In Juxtapoz


"We are really enjoying New York-based painter and sculptor Joe Fig's miniature dioramas of famous artists in their studios. He has painstakingly sculpted the studios of everyone from Jackson Pollock to Andy Warhol!"

New York Fall Exhibition Highlights: Sarah Sze, Eric Rhein and Joe Fig
September 18, 2015

In SVA Close Up


The fall exhibition season in New York is in full swing, and three outstanding shows by MFA Fine Arts alumni explore everything from the measurement of time and space, to spiritual rebirth and the process of making art.

What We Learned About Famous Artists from Joe Fig's New Studio Visits Book
September 1, 2015

By Brian Boucher, artnet News


"Artist Joe Fig has visited over 120 artists in their studios, posing questions about their practice, from their favorite color to their motto. His book Inside the Artist's Studio, forthcoming in October from Princeton Architectural Press, reveals the daily working habits of two dozen artists, including figures like Tara Donovan, Leonardo Drew, Carroll Dunham, and Judy Pfaff."

The Miniature Exhibition Opens at Grunwald Gallery of Art
August 28, 2015

In the daily mini


"The Grunwald Gallery of Art at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana will kick off its fall exhibition series with The Miniature, an exhibition of miniature-themed work by ten renowned miniaturists and artisans. On view Friday, August 28 through Friday, October 3, this show will feature miniature work in a variety of media, exact miniature replicas of historical instruments or furniture, models, miniature worlds, and much more."

The Miniature
August 28, 2015

In Wall Street International


"The Miniature will feature the work of ten artists and artisans who create miniature work in a variety of media. Some of the artists make true miniatures: exact replicas of historical instruments or furniture, while others make models and miniature worlds of their own design. Many artists and craftspeople making works in miniature today display a compulsive motivation and an obsessive attention to detail."

The smallest artwork you will see this year The Miniature offers “a God’s-eye perspective”
August 26, 2015

By A.T. Bossenger, Nuvo


"The artists featured in The Miniature, an exhibit at Indiana University’s Grunwald Gallery, are from various backgrounds, but what they share is a fascination with scope. The exhibit aims to show what it takes to make a piece that requires a microscope to see. Talk about detail."

In an Exhibition of Miniatures, the Good, the Bad, and the Lego
April 6, 2015

By Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic

The Drum's Design Project of the Week: Feel Big Live Small exhibition
March 20, 2015

By Natalie Mortimer, The Drum

Miniature Artists Explain Why They Love Making Tiny Worlds
March 19, 2015

By Becky Chung, The Creators Project

Feel Big Live Small Exhibition NYC's apexart gallery gathers a collection of meticulously crafted miniature dioramas for its newest show
March 18, 2015

By Gabriella Garcia, Cool Hunting

Joe Fig at Cristin Tierney
July 1, 2011

By Brian Boucher, Art in America


"In conjunction with interviewing various painters for his 2009 book Inside the Painter's Studio, he made well-received dioramalike models of their studios, which were exhibited along with audio of the interviews."

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Arts Center Unveils Three New Shows

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