Malia Jensen: Worth Your Salt

  • Digital Residency with Portland Art Museum


    Cristin Tierney Gallery is pleased to share this special online exhibition of Worth Your Salt, presented as part of a digital residency program created by the Portland Art Museum. Malia Jensen's extraordinary 6-hour video is currently streaming 24/7 through November 7th. We invite you to bring the wild beauty of Oregon into your living rooms and workplaces for a uniquely meditative respite from the tumultuous and uncertain world.


    Special thanks to Sara Krajewski, The Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Portland Art Museum, for making this opportunity possible. Thanks also to the Creative Heights Initiative of the Oregon Community Foundation, whose support helped create the Nearer Nature project.


    To visit the residency page on the Portland Art Museum website, please click HERE.

  • Nearer Nature at Home

    Photograph by John Muggenborg

    Nearer Nature at Home

    Taking Quarantine Quotidian as a prompt, Jensen would like to know what nature looks like in your daily life. Are you watching Nearer Nature on your couch, cozied up with a cat and a cup of tea? Is Worth Your Salt playing in the background while you write postcards to voters in swing states? Are you watching on your phone while you eat a "sad desk lunch"? Are your pets enjoying it on their own?


    Send your "in situ" photographs to, or share to Instagram and use the following tags:  @cristintierneygallery, @nearerature_project, @portlandartmuseum, #museumathome. Photographs will be added to this site on a rolling basis, forming a record of the network of people connected by Nearer Nature.

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