Jorge Tacla, Identidad Oculta 72, 2014. oil and cold wax on canvas.

Alois Kronschlaeger, Wall Grid Structure #1, 2015. basswood, ink.

Jorge Tacla, Cuaderno 1-11, 2011-2014. pencil on paper.

Jorge Tacla, Cuaderno 4-7, ​2011-2014. pencil on paper.

Jorge Tacla, Cuaderno 4-8, ​2011-2014. pencil on paper.

Alois Kronschlaeger, Quilt 1, 2015. basswood, ink. 



Alois Kronschlaeger, Untitled, 2014. basswood, ink.

Alois Kronschlaeger, Quilt 5, 2015. basswood, ink.

Jorge Tacla, Cuaderno 7-10, ​2011-2014. pencil on paper.

ZONA MACO 2015 in Mexico City

February 4-8, 2015

ZONA MACO Mexico City: Jorge Tacla and Alois Kronschlaeger


Cristin Tierney Gallery is pleased to present the work of Jorge Tacla and Alois Kronschlaeger at ZONA MACO in Mexico City, February 4-8, 2015 in Booth E-212.


Each artist’s work explores the connection between the external environment and internal perceptions. Tacla’s works on paper and paintings capture the solemn beauty of chaos, as seen in abandoned and destroyed buildings and the fragmented human body. Kronschlaeger’s architectural structures use abstract form, industrial materials, light and color to sculpt shapes that morph as the viewer’s perspective changes. Drawing from their interest in materiality and the built environment, the artists' installation at ZONA MACO will illuminate the tension between the intangible and the concrete.


For more information please contact Candace Moeller at 212.594.0550 or